Lonely Tree Art is my platform to showcase a variety of my colourful artworks and the different ways I have found to display them. My name is Nadine Savage I am originally from Aberdeen in Scotland but have moved around a lot during my life and have now settled just outside of Taunton in Somerset. I moved here a few years ago and decided to make it my home as it is a beautiful place filled with friendly people. Previous to this I lived in New Zealand, this is where my style of painting and drawing was inspired as I wanted to find a way to take the colours and beauty around me and apply it to paper. 

I am drawn to wildlife and nature, using their natural intricacies to create the detail and boosting the colours to make vibrant eye catching images.  I enjoy combining intricate pen work, acrylic ink and watercolour paints in the hope to create unique paintings and illustrations. Eventually I would love to illustrate books bringing to life a children’s story or poem with colourful images. If you are interested in a custom piece or are interested in the work i do and would like information then please feel free to contact me via the contact page.

On this website I also have links to my Redbubble store where I have taken my designs and used them to create unique products such as custom mugs, phone cases, bags, stickers, clothing and more. Hope you enjoy looking through everything and if you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact page.

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Nadine Savage

Owner, Lonely Tree Art